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ECOTRIB 2019 – 7th European Conference on Tribology

ECOTRIB 2019 – 7th European Conference on Tribology

12th – 14th June, Vienna, Austria

Some consortium members have been participated in Ecotrib2019 presenting their work:

Muhammad Shahid Arshad (UL-TINT) – Glycerol/ionic liquids mixture as potential candidate for superlubricity on W-DLC surface under boundary lubrication conditions.

Sandra Cruz (IPN) – “Characterization of W alloyed DLC coatings deposited by DC/HiPIMS magnetron sputtering process”.

Hamid Khanmohammadi (NTNU) – “The effect of ionic liquid additives on the tribocorrosion performance of 316L stainless steel in water-glycol media”.

Albano Cavaleiro (IPN/UC) – “High temperature tribological behaviour of TiSiN(Ag) films deposited by HiPIMS in DOMS mode”.

Nuria Espallargas (NTNU) was invited to talk about “Effect of surface chemistry on tribocorrosion – from passive film to lubricant additives and electrolyte composition”.

Prof. Dr. Mitjan Kalin, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, the coordinator of GreenCoat project, was one of the members of Ecotrib2019 Organizing Committee.